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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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is french police launch raids in a northern suburb of paris to search for a noontide suspect linked to friday's attacks. also ahead on the program two air france planes have been diverted in the u.s. and canada after bomb threats. all passengers were evacuated safely. russia offers a $15 million award after revealing a bomb brought the egypt plane down.
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jonalone dies. he was just 40 years old. an operation by french police and swot teams is currently underway in the northern paris. shots have been fired it's believed they're habitueing for the ninth suspect behind the paris attacks. there is an arrest warrant for salah abdeslam. a surveillance video has emerged showing there could be a second suspect on the run. more now from jacky row land on the phone from the french capital. what more details are emerging about this raid in the northern suburbs of paris at the moment? >> reporter: the operation began approximately an hour and a half ago. an eyewitness says that was a large explosion, a bang, followed by intensive gun fire lasting for around ten minutes. apparently it's not just the
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regular police which is on the scene, but also swot teams. other eyewitnesses said there was a helicopter hovering over head and ambulances were also on the scene. we're hearing reports that the swot teams surrounded a house in the suburb and there was gun fire from outside the house and there was an exchange of gun fire. we're also hearing reports that some police officers were injured in the operation. the town is a suburb in the north of paris. it has a very poor-- it is very poor, a large immigrant community and it's not far from the stade de france where one of the attacks on friday happened. the situation at the moment is that the mayor is calling on residents to stay at home to be careful and also public transport to that suburb has been put on hold for the moment and the whole area is cordoned off
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apart from the operation going on there, just bring us up-to-date on the broader police investigation into last friday's attacks. >> reporter: well, a few new details emerged on tuesday. notably, a third vehicle associated with the attacks was found. was found in a north area of paris, not close to where the operation is happening now, but within paris itself. also a key development was the announcement by police that they were, in fact, searching for a ninth suspect. do the maths there. seven attackers killed on friday, most blew themselves up with explosives in their vests. there's one suspect who was named at a very early stage. his photograph has been circulated. his name is salah abdeslam. people have been warned he is extremely dangerous and he should not be approached. another significant development
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on friday. salah abdeslam's brother moham med appeared on television. he is not linked or suspected at all. he was appealing to his brother to give himself up. there's now a ninth suspect but we don't have any details on that, we don't have a photograph or a name as yet jack owe row land there in the-- jacky land. bombs have bombed tentative towards a broad alliance. putin has you had ordered the russia navy to work with french forces. france is calling for assistance from other e.u. states using a special treety clause for i the first time ever. >> reporter: it's a political
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approach which is the first time to be used. now what is this actually going to mean in practice? well, either taking part in france's operations in syria or iraq or by easing the load or providing support for france in other operations. so lightening our load elsewhere. what i've said to my colleagues is that france can't do everything two air france planes heading from u.s. to paris have been diverted after bomb threats. a plane carrying 497 passengers was flawing from las angeles to salt lake city. all passengers were safe. another flight from dc to paris has been diverted to canada. more now on that breaking story, those raids in the northern suburbs of the french capital of paris. from al jazeera, tristan, what
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have you been hearing about these raids? >> reporter: i'm in the center of the suburb right now. there are a lot of police, very high tension. i've got a cop in front of me who has got his weapon drawn. there's reports of a lot of shots around this area. the operation started, apparently, around about 3 o'clock, 3.30 gmt this morning. i've just spoken to a local person who said that they heard many shots, perhaps hundreds fired. so i am right now in an area which is in the center of the suburb right next to the cathedral which is an important landmark here. it is a small town just - it's an extension of paris, basically. it's a suburb of paris. it abutts the city. there isn't really much
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difference between this area and paris. it's a couple of kilometres outside the official demarcation of paris. now where i'm standing in the square i can see probably a couple hundred metres down the road fire trucks, what looks like an ambulance, i think, it's difficult to tell from this distance. now standing in front of me i can see maybe two dozen/three dozen police who are very jumpy, very nervous. they're all wearing heavy body armour. some of them have got automatic weapons, some of them have got shot guns. i just made the mistake of passing the bollards that we've apparently all been told to stand behind and a policeman ran towards me very aggressively and told me to get back, get back.
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i can see a helicopter flying overahead with its search lights on. i can't hear any gunshots or anything like that, but as i arrived in this square just now, a car started driving towards the police and they - it's probably just a local resident or something. there was no signs that there was anything particularly suspicious, but it was going somewhere they were not happy and they ran towards it with their weapon drawn, and i mean i have no evidence that it was anything other than a passer by, but tensions are clearly very, very high. french media are reporting that this operation was led by a group of the part of the french police which is known as raid, and that is a swot team and an
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intervention team. it's the part of the police, for example, that led the raids against maham mod ledder in 2012. they are, according to media reports i've heard on radio france, they were leading some kind of raid on a house and there was a return of fire. there are reports in the french media, no one has confirmed that in the return of fire some police were injured. i'm also see french media reports that the operation is ongoing, but i can't hear any shots or anything like that now. all i can see is heavy police prevention thank you for that in the northern suburbs on that ongoing police raid in the northern suburbs of the presumably the police are still looking for
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this ninth suspect who is on the run, who is believed to be involved in the attacks of last friday. it is in the northern suburbs. we will update you on that. now, a football match between germany and the nudistser lands - nudistser lands was called off because of a bomb alert. merkel was due to attend the match of the the police were warned about a possible attacks with explosives. a train was also stopped at the local station and searched. no arrests have been made. u.s. president obama is in the philippines for the apex summit on wednesday. ahead of that he addressed a meeting of business leaders and policy makers in the philippines
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capital. the main issue is climate. >> the urgent and growing threat of climate change. a challenge but also, i would argue, an opportunity. no nation is immune to the consequences of a change in climate. but with it's many low lieding islands, coastal regions vulnerable to flooding and land loss, few regions have more at stake in meeting this challenge than the asia-pacific region live from ma narcs la, both the u.s. and chinese presidents broadly spoke with a similar theme. what more have they been saying? >> reporter: well, they were saying, yes, there's a focus on climate change as we heard there from the president. the pt on ping focused on climate change as well, but then they both transitioned into what's being discussed here and
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this is economy, it's trade, free trade agreements, the u. s aand china have cheating agreements. the ppt has 12 members. that is going ahead. still some time to get approvals from each respective country's government before that can take the next step, but a lot of talk about cooperation in this region. 60% of global gdp is generated here in asia-pacific. so there's a big focus on that. xi also touched on policy. going back to climate shaping, it's interesting that both leaders touched on the spife when it comes to economy economy because they realised to move forward with the economies in the world, climate change needs to be dealt with. after apex this meeting, last year it was held in beijing, those two leaders signed a landmark deal in reducing carbon emissions. that's something that's going to
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be tracked close. it's something on both the radars, but now we're going into these other kind of breakaway meetings and these trade deals are going to be focused on much more thank you for that update. time for a short break here on al jazeera. stay with us. stay with us.
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welcome back. a reminder of the top stories here. an operation by french police is
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currently underway in the northern paris suburb. shots have been fired and it's believed they're hunting for the 9th suspect behind the paris attacks. e.u. states have been called upon to invoke a european clause demanding other members support the fight against i.s.i.l. a football match between germany and the nudistser lands have-- netherlands has been called off. chancellor merkel was due to attend. france has promised a tough response to the attacks, but there's concern that new security measures might not help. andrew simmons reports from paris. >> reporter: french troops get ready to patrol. this is marly, it's paris, a few years few would have predicted the army would be deployed in the metro. or that many parisians would
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achoose not to use their transport system for fear of suicide bombers. these cities now have to be guarded by ever watchful soldiers. tourists are notable by their absence. francois hollande keeps reiterating his country is at war with i.s.i.l. there are already some comparisons with george bush and how he respond elide to 911. -- responded. the security measures he are calling for are hard hitting and coupled to a three month extension of the state of emergency. they include deporting foreigners considered a threat, removing french be nationality from those involved in so-called terror activity, search warrants without a judge's approval, refusal to comply with a warrant leading to custody for up to two months. civil rights organizationss are alarmed. >> we have seen it in the past in the u.s. after 911. we have seen that extraordinary powers led to more terrorism in
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other countries because it's discrimination because of arrests and massive restrictions. the >> reporter: many police the president has taken a high risk strategy. >> my sense is that there will be a demand for revenge. people will ask for more than rhetoric. they will ask for results. we have got to be very careful with this idea of war, also because who will decide when the war is over. >> reporter: right across france there's a mood of defiance and anger really building up now that so many people lost their lives in these attacks, most of them young, and that the attackers were aiming at the very heart of the french way of life. after three days of mourning, part of that way of life
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tentatively came back. >> i don't think it's a solution to hide or don't go out or something. because it doesn't make any sense. no, we're not changing habits, but there is something in me which is afraid >> reporter: despite that underlying fear, young person returning to the bars and bistros of this city in a concerted effort to show their defiance the russian government has offered a $50 million reward after revealing that i bomb brought down the metrojet plane in egypt last month. it has stepped up air strikes against i.s.i.l. in syria. from moscow. >> reporter: this was a carefully prepared television event recorded the day before its broadcast on russian tv. putin was greeted by the foreign
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chief. according to an analysis, a home-made bomb containing up to one kilogram of tnt detonated in the flight. it explains why parts of the plane were spread over a large area. we can say it was definitely a terrorist act. >> reporter: they rose for a moment of silence before putin delivered a prepared address ears >> translation: we should not apply any time limits. we should know them all by name. we will search for them everywhere, whenever they are hiding. >> reporter: within hours of that brad cast he was taken to a new military command center. there he was briefed on a doubling of strikes against i.s.i.l. and other groups in syria. signs of an emerging partnership with france. the kremlin says putin and the french president agreed to coordinate their syria strikes. putin has instructed his navy to work with french ships in the
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immediate terre janeian doctor-- mediterranean. >> he has already got himself a seat at the table by going into syria, but he was regarded prior to certainly the downing of the jet in the airliner in sinai as something of a periah because of the way he had gone into syria and because of what he was doing in there i.s.i.l.'s early claim that it killed the 224 people inside this plane was initially scorned. a technical fault was considered more likely, but in the days following the disaster, more and more countries started to doubt the malfunction theory. the u.k. suspended sites to sinai. the u.s. said it was pretty much certain that the plane was brought down by a bomb, but although russia too suspended flights to egypt giving every impression that it was working for the same assumption, it still publicly insisted that
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there might be other explanations. but that was before following the attacks in paris at the weekend francois hollande is now calling for the very thing putin has been requested for some time, a grand coalition to take on i.s.i.l. >> reporter: acknowledging that russia has about been hit gives moscow a chance to repair at that timered relations with the west. -- tattered relations dozen of u u.s. gephyrins has come about not allowing refugees to stay. it is facing resistance in the wake of the attacks in paris and heightens security concerns in the united states. yemen's present has returned home from saudi arabia. he arrived in the southern port site of aden. he has come back to see a coalition campaign to retake the third largest city from houthi
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rebels. >> reporter: it is the second visit to aden by the president. this is backed by troops of the uae to get the rebels out in july. it is not sure how long he is going to stay in the country. it follows a series of setbacks for the campaign to reinstate him. offensives on the ground are active in yemen. after landing in the capital, he went straight to the palace to supervise offensive aims at taking ties. >> translation: the houthis are in anger because they did not want him to be part of the political scene of yemen's future and here he is now back in aden showing that he is the president of yemen whether they
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like it or not. >> reporter: so the coalition forces on the ground and in the air launched an offensive on monday with the support of locals. civilians are paying a heavy price. these man carry a young boy injured by a stray bullet. >> translation: the houthis and forces loyal to former president are resorting to in discrimindi challenging of ground. the battle will be more decisive in coming days. >> reporter: its allies launched a war on houthi forces in march when he left aden to riard. although the war began with air strikes, they began to provide ground forces. the u.n. says five thousand people more than half of them civilians have been killed in
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yemen since the saudi-led campaign gan there has been a suicide bomb in north-eastern nigh engineer nigh engineer ai can't killing 379 - nigeria. jonalo has died at the age of 40. he played 63 text for the all blacks between 1994 and 2002 but battled kidney problems. >> reporter: he was one of rugby's greatest. he became the youngest all black in 1994 when he made his new zealand debut at 19. hauch became a star the following year. with his great strength and speed he scored 7 tries in the torn meant. his performance against england being one of the moat iconic moments in the sport's history. the all blacks would lose to
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south africa in front of nelson mandela. a rare kidney disease saw him take time off the sport. he had to compete the a lower league level, but he managed to play at the 1999 world cup which saw the new zealand knocked on the in the semifinal. his record was only qualified this year by south africa brian habana. health problems ended his career after 63 caps and 37 tries. he unsuccessfully tried to return to the sporting area in 2005, a year after a kidney transplant. the second transplant was needed in 2011 and he was awaiting a third before his death. he spent the last month of his life watching his country win the world cup in england. he may not have achieved that feet himself, but he will be remembered as a sports first
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global super star republican presidential hope awful bobby gindore race. he made the announcement saying this is not my time. his campaign had failed to gain much support among republicans and he consistently polled as one of the lowest candidate. he is the third republican to exit the contest after former rick perry and scott walker. across the world, billions of dollars to make them smarter and safer. the newly crowned world smartest city. >> reporter: it may look like a normal enough fountain, but inside this landmark sensors monitor and feedback a continuous flow of water quality data. any nearby rubbish bin is smarter still. it cents sends out an alatter
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when it is small. along with smart street lights and noise monitors and traffic sensors, these help those at the city central control room manage the demands and dangers of urban life. >> translation: the system has advantages because it allows us to bring together the data from many different sensors in a way that lets us make decisions. >> reporter: data comes also from the city's people more than 45 thousand incidents were reported directly last year through a smart phone app which allows citizens to locate and even send photos of problems. it's estimated citys around the world will invest around a hundred billion dollars in smart technology over the next four years. potential profits for large technology companies. advocates of smart cities, and there are many of them are here, saying that the technology can save cities money, make their services more efficient and more transparent, but with so many large technology companies eager to be involved, there are
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concerns over who many control the systems and who owns the vast amounts of data that they generate. the systems do use encryption to prevent them from being hacked, but there is no industry wide security standards. >> the system is only secure as the people are operating in. i can switch on lights in a town right here in spain. i think we do need some sort of central standards for managing this city services. >> reporter: there are also privates concerns and a lack-- privacy concerns and a lack of clear standards, with each city deciding how private data can be used and shared >> we need to create some kind of standard for security and making it more trusty for the people. >> reporter: building and maintaining the trust of a city's population is a vital part of any smart city system. without it, the technology is
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unlikely to realise its full potential to enhance the lives of billions of people a quick reminder. you can keep up-to-date with all the news on our website. outsiders who might view. a desperation of who is caught in the middle. how to protect itself. america tonight special report, the paris attacks. thanks for joining us. as the hunt continues for those who launched the paris attacks and those who might be planning more, there's a broader search underway for answers about the wider crisis still facing europe, the steady flow of


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